Last week, a young mother named Eliza Fletcher was kidnapped and murdered in Memphis, Tennessee, not too far from where I live.

Liza was a beloved preschool teacher at a local private school. Her husband reported her missing after she failed to return from a morning run. My social media feed was filled for days with local women posting about her disappearance in hopes that she would be found safe. Unfortunately, that is not how the story ended.

Julia Goldie Day

As this heartbreaking story captured national news attention, Tucker Carlson took the opportunity to weigh in on Liza Fletcher’s death. He criticized returning to live in the city of his birth and cited recent 2021 federal statistics ranking Memphis as the most dangerous city in America to live in. Apparently, according to Carlson, we Memphians have accepted our fate and since crime and local government dysfunction is the new normal, law and order is no more. American women – and he means white women – should look to Memphis and be scared. Be very afraid.

Men like you, Tucker Carlson, would prefer women to be afraid of certain types of men. Instead of prioritizing education funding, gun control, and police, justice, and prison reform to address systemic issues, including racism, you are diminishing the power of women. . The women of Memphis don’t need you spreading fear about the state of our city, and we don’t need you telling us what to believe or how to feel. We are not afraid.

We are angry!

We are angry that a young white woman was killed in our neighborhood.

We are angry that black women go missing and often are never found in our city.

We are angry that our governor and Republicans have passed a no gun license law, making our state less safe for everyone, especially since convicted felons still have access to guns.

“We are angry, and we have reason to be angry.”

We’re angry that mothers and most Americans agree that common sense gun control could help stop the mass shootings of adults and children in our country, but a small minority block any change and abuse of their power.

We are angry because we as women have less power over our own bodies than we did a year ago with the reversal of Roe vs. Wade.

We are angry that our transgender children are being bullied by state legislatures in Tennessee and many other states in our union.

We are angry that our public schools are ridiculously underfunded and are now being undermined by private school vouchers.

We’re angry because you’re implying Liza was killed because of social justice movements like Black Lives Matter and calls for reform – and it allowed her attacker, a black man, to be freed too jail early in the name of “fairness”.

We are angry that people inside and outside of Memphis are using this horrific crime as a platform to spew hatred and racism.

We are angry and we have what to be angry about.

Women have a voice. We have a vote, and it’s time for us to be heard. You see, Tucker Carlson, we’re mad at the state of our country, and we’re mad at you and people like you.

“We are angry because you are using us to scare people.”

When you utter dangerous rhetoric like, “Our whole country will be Memphis if we don’t stop this madness right now with as much force as necessary,” we’re angry because you’re using us to scare people.

The women of Memphis organized a morning run to complete the course that Liza never got to complete. They want to demonstrate that women should be able to run safely. We should be able to go wherever we want at any time. We are human like men. We run, we work, we live our lives without fear.

Are horrible things happening in this world? Yes. Do we allow it to send us back in time 100 years ago to a place where women and others had fewer rights as Tucker Carlson suggests, when we were fearful enough of violence to be kept in our place? No chance.

Julia Goldie Day is ordained by the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and lives in Memphis, Tennessee. She is a painter and proud mother of Jasper, Barak and Jillian. Learn more about her on her website.

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