Above: Mark Croston shares principles from his book “Big Results: Black Church Life & Sunday School” with workshop participants at a similar conference in Oklahoma City in March.

TULSA—Big Results conference organizers have big plans for an Oct. 28-30 rally in Tulsa, Gilcrease Hills. The Lifeway-sponsored event will focus on the needs of churches serving the context of African American ministry. The three-day conference will offer talks and workshops on a variety of topics related to Sunday School growth.

A conference attendee takes notes during the March conference.

The keynote speaker for the event will be Mark Croston, National Lifeway Director of Black Church Ministries. Croston explained that the purpose of the conference is to equip pastors and key church leaders, so they can work together to develop small group ministries in the church.

“In my work with Lifeway, serving churches across the country, I’ve found that one thing pastors constantly want is training,” Croston said. “And we offer them a lot of training opportunities. But often, if the pastor receives the training, it is difficult to pass it on to other church leaders. The Big Results Conference is an opportunity for pastors to train themselves and bring their key leaders with them, so they too can be trained.

Walter Wilson, African American ministry partner for Baptists in Oklahoma, said the conference would provide time for fellowship, worship as well as ministry equipment.

“The African American churches in our state convention are based primarily in Oklahoma City and Tulsa,” Wilson explained. “We wanted to connect people from our churches in both places, so they could commune and grow together. Without good leaders, we can never grow our churches.

Marlon Coleman, pastor of Muskogee, Antioch, and Tiller Watson, who pastor Tulsa, Turn Church, will also bring messages of the Word to the weekend conference.

A night of worship will be observed on the Friday evening of the conference. The Oklahoma African American worship group Inspiration of Praise will lead worship in song throughout the rally.

Discussion topics include Kingdom Agenda, The One Thing, Leading Effective Women’s Ministries, Leadership for Big Results, and Sunday School for Big Results.

Wilson said churches that wish to attend but have financial need will be reimbursed for travel and registration fees.

For more information, to pay the $30 per church registration for the conference, and to secure hotel reservations, visit oklahomabaptists.org/african-american.

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