TEXARKANA, Texas – If you visit the downtown Regional Arts Center and see a host of new, young faces, don’t be surprised.

The evolving Texarkana Regional Arts and Humanities Council recently welcomed three new employees: Chris Wicker as Visual Arts Coordinator, Hannah Reed as Education Coordinator and Emily Engstrom as Administrative Coordinator.

TRAHC Interim Executive Director Jennifer Unger is pleased to see an influx of young employees at the arts agency.

“I am particularly excited about these three rookies because they are young, they are energetic, they all have a connection to Texarkana, so they are going to bring not only their energy but a lot of ideas,” said Unger. as TRAHC enters our next chapter in the history of our organization, they are in a position to help us. Because one of the things that really excites me is being inclusive and making sure that we have programs for everyone in the community. “

They will help TRAHC take a look at what is already being done and take that foundation to improve what they do and “add new, exciting experiences,” Unger said.

“TRAHC is working hard, going hard. We are alive and well,” she said. There is a transition and a change going on, but it’s an opportunity to become stronger, she explained.

Wicker will guide TRAHC’s range of art exhibitions and programs, and his position involves community outreach for the arts agency.

“The Visual Arts Coordinator oversees all exhibitions in all of our gallery spaces, including our ArtsWall in ArtSparK, so all of our national, local, regional shows, jury shows, those on tour and those we curate, he is responsible for setting the vision and all the details of the exhibits, ”Unger said.

Additionally, Wicker will lead TRAHC’s community art classes, whether held at RAC or Arts.

on Principal. “Hopefully we get more of it in the session because that’s for sure,” Unger said.

Wicker worked both as a visual arts intern and as a summer worker at TRAHC. He received his MFA in New Media from Texas Christian University.

“It has always been so wonderful to work with him, so when he came back to town and now has the experience for this position, it’s kind of like coming home,” Unger said. about this Texas High School graduate who knows Texarkana and has roots here. just like the other new hires.

Reed graduated from Henderson State University with a BFA in Digital Art and Design and recently worked with Hospice of Texarkana.

As education coordinator, Reed will work with schools, placing teacher artists there for performances and residencies, and oversee TRAHC’s Theater for Young Audiences series at the Perot Theater.

“She will work with the schools to reserve these places,” Unger said. She will also be involved in the selection of shows, giving her opinion as she is also working on ticket sales.

“She will work closely with schools and get to know their needs, so that we can be sure that any programs we are planning meet their needs,” Unger said, noting that the nonprofit experience should be fine. serve him in this position.

“It makes the transition easier for her,” Unger said.

Engstrom’s duties as administrative coordinator for TRAHC will certainly be an eclectic mix of projects, such as membership, payroll and other financial tasks.

“She wears a lot of hats,” Unger said. “She works in the administration office with the executive director.”

She’s also sympathetic, the acting manager said, knowing how to get things done.

“She’s incredibly good at details, but she’s also very personable. Chances are if people call TRAHC they’ll hear her happy, smiling voice on the other end of the phone. She’s always ready to help. with anything, and she jumped with both feet and hit the ground running, ”Unger said.

Engstrom graduated from Baylor University with a BA in Philosophy and a Minor in Business Administration and Political Science.

(From the Internet: TRAHC.org.)

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