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A Cincinnati couple with a history of donating millions of dollars has done it again.

This month, Xavier University announced the receipt of a $50 million gift from Harry and Linda Fath. Xavier University is a private university in Cincinnati, Ohio that provides a liberal arts education in the Jesuit Catholic tradition.

The Faths have donated millions of dollars to organizations in Cincinnati. Let’s take a quick look at their story.

The Cincinnati Entrepreneur

Fifty years ago, Harry Fath was working as a lawyer when he bought a six-unit building.

He thought there were more opportunities in real estate than in law, so he decided to quit law and pursue a career in property buying.

It turned out to be a wise move as Fath grew his business, Fath Properties, into a portfolio of 28 properties and over 7,800 units in Ohio, northern Kentucky, Indiana and Dallas, Texas.

His business made Fath a very wealthy man. And he gives a large part of his fortune.


While the couple give a lot, Harry and his wife, Linda, prefer to do it quietly, unlike many philanthropists. So you won’t find their name honored on the buildings of the organizations they supported around Cincinnati, despite their impact.

They donate to a variety of causes, including health, education, and local tourism.

Some of their gifts include:

  • In February 2018, Linda and Harry Fath donated $50 million to Mercy Ships Christian ministry. He went to a floating hospital on an old cruise ship supporting those in need. They donated a second $50 million to Mercy Ships in December last year.
  • A $50 million donation to the Cincinnati Zoo in 2018, which is the largest in its history.
  • That same year, they also donated $50 million to the Lindner Center, which serves tens of thousands of people struggling with mental illness or addiction.
  • $10 million for scholarships to St. Xavier’s High School. This was followed by a $50 million donation earmarked for tuition assistance.
  • $50 million to the University of Notre Dame to be used exclusively for undergraduate financial aid.
  • In 2015, a $5 million donation was made to help renovate Cincinnati Music Hall.
  • $1 million to Purcell Marian High School. Although neither Harry nor Linda attended school, they have long supported CISE, the Catholic school initiative in downtown Cincinnati.

The $50 million gift to Xavier can now be added to that list.

“Xavier is an important asset to our community. Linda and I are honored to be able to make this donation to Xavier University. My own Jesuit and Catholic upbringing made me who I am today. We hope this gift will change thousands of lives for the better and make a Xavier education available to those looking for the experience. Harry Fat

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