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Private football league organizer USA Collegiate is working with Southern Utah University to provide educational pathways for their players, many of whom have been negatively impacted by the wave of junior colleges ending their football programs.

Through this agreement, players will be able to earn Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees through SUU’s Speedway/Bachelor of General Studies program. Speedway is a versatile, modular online degree program that costs just $75 per credit, making it one of the cheapest accredited degrees in the country.

“We created USA Collegiate in a passionate effort to provide hundreds of underserved student-athletes the opportunity to play football and receive a meaningful education in colleges and technical schools, with the added support of professionals and mentors,” said Dave Arslanian, Founder and Founder of USA Collegiate. hall of fame football coach.

“Our teams will not only provide new competition to Utah’s junior college football scene, but will also provide an exceptional student, workforce and player leadership development program,” Arslanian said. .

What makes this joint effort particularly compelling is the strong support these student-athletes will receive from both organizations: USA Collegiate, which provides college preparation and ongoing academic coaching, and SUU Online, which provides its instruction and services. to students, such as tutoring and counselling.

“We are so impressed with USA Collegiate’s commitment to the preparation and success of their student-athletes for college and for their future,” said SUU Online Director of Partnerships Lynn Kvamme. “SUU’s Speedway program seems a perfect fit for this partnership. We are truly honored to be part of USA Collegiate’s vision.

Speedway students earn their Bachelor of General Studies degree 100% online in as little as three years. Courses are only seven weeks long and transfer credits are accepted. Financial barriers are removed through federal financial aid, providing a path to an accredited education for students where, when, and how they need it.

About SUU Online
In its 125-year history as Utah’s premier distance education experiment, Southern Utah University’s online department continues its pioneering legacy of providing students around the world with affordable and flexible college degrees. . This includes one of the most affordable bachelor’s degrees in the country, Speedway | Bachelor of General Studies. SUU Online’s combination of affordability, flexibility, and extensive student success programs provide an extraordinary education anytime, anywhere.

About USA Collegiate
USA Collegiate was founded by Hall of Fame football coaches Dave Arslanian and Larry Philpot when junior colleges began to phase out their football programs. Knowing what this opportunity meant to the players’ lives, they decided to create an alternative for these displaced student-athletes. USA Collegiate’s solution combines privately funded football leagues with academics through the USA Collegiate Prep Program and strategic collaborations with colleges and technical schools. This arrangement is designed to develop athletes – and a future workforce – with professional, leadership and life skills learned in the classroom and on the field. USA Collegiate is based in St. George, Utah and is an accredited, degree-granting post-secondary school. He developed the plan, consulted, and established academic support for privately funded junior college football clubs in Arizona, and is now committed to building junior college football clubs in Utah.

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