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Residents of Yocum Hall enjoy a program called Plant Party where they paint terracotta pots and choose from a selection of succulents. University Housing resident assistants hold dozens of hallway events for residents each year.

Expect higher traffic levels around campus this week as more than 6,000 students in residence leave their homes on campus.

Vehicle and foot traffic related to the move will peak between Wednesday and Friday.

Mail and parcel service to residences ends on Tuesday. Halls will be closed to most students from Saturday as university housing turns into summer school housing and the summer lecture season.

Please join University Housing in congratulating our on-campus students on successfully completing the academic year. We wish them a good return home for the summer.

For questions regarding Move-out 2022, contact University Housing at 479-575-3951 or by email at [email protected]

Resident-only “red” parking lots will be open to most university parking pass holders beginning Monday, May 16, after the onset of spring. You can find several parking reminders for the campus community in this May 5 University of Arkansas News article from University Parking.

leave green

University Housing is encouraging residential students to ‘go green’ by donating items during the move this week. Every year, tons of donated items are diverted from the landfill to local agencies that reuse and reuse these items.

This year, University Housing partnered with St. James Missionary Baptist Church and Oasis of Northwest Arkansas. These agencies will be touring residences this week and picking up donated items from designated locations.

About university accommodation. University Housing is a department of the Division of Student Affairs serving a residential community of approximately 6,200 students on campus. More than 200 students find employment opportunities with University Housing each year. We offer educational programs that support student success and services that help students focus on academics at the University of Arkansas. Living on campus starts with a housing contract.

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