By ROBIN CORNETET, Kentucky today

BAGHDAD, Ky. (KT) – The sun was shining, as were the happy faces of the students as they reconnected to each other and their faith in Christ at Converge last weekend.

Nearly 500 young men and women from colleges and universities across the state attended the three-day event at the Cedarmore Conference Center in Baghdad, Ky. There was an electric buzz in the air which could not be attributed to the low humidity; the students appeared positively stunned to be together after a long COVID-induced hiatus.

“I felt so much peace,” said Whitney White, a University of Kentucky elder. During a midday break on Saturday, White said she was grateful for “the opportunity to get off campus, get out of this stressful situation and forget about it for a second.” Remember who the Lord is and come back to it right away. “

As White rocked in his nylon hammock overlooking the lake, nearby students could be heard laughing as they pulled hoops and drank milkshakes. Across the field, a team from Western Kentucky University engaged in a highly competitive game of human foosball. New acquaintances greeted each other on the way to the cafeteria.

“I loved seeing everyone come together and make the hype,” said Jade Tinin, sophomore student at Murray State University. “It’s great fun playing games and seeing everyone, but also knowing that everyone here has a desire to follow Jesus. It’s cool to see people my age coming together to follow Jesus.

That’s what Converge is, said Seth York, who was the keynote speaker.

“Converge is a time when people express their commitment to each other. They say, “Our faith is important to us. It’s about the time they spend together processing what they hear, deepening their relationship with each other and having fun together, ”he said. “When you come to pray with 500 other people who take their faith seriously, you feel less alone than when you are on a college campus. “

On Saturday evening, the students united into one body of believers, and the steady rhythm of their worship echoed through the woods. Inside the worship center, they sang one song of heartfelt praise after another. Many with their hands raised high. Then they settled into their seats, pulled out their notebooks, Bibles, or opened their Bible applications, and focused their attention on the message. Faces eager to learn.

York, a member of the staff of Crossings Ministries, took the students on the last of his three-session journey, developing the transcendence of the truth, beauty and goodness of Christ and how the great pursuits of life are ultimately found. in Jesus. He was called in to lead the conference after the original speaker had to unexpectedly cancel.

“Seth was able to step in directly and share messages about how, even in an age and culture that tells us all the answers we seek are within ourselves, that there is still a burning desire for the truth. ultimate and beauty and goodness, for things that transcend ourselves, and that these are really found in the person of Jesus. In Seth’s words. Jesus is the excuse. He is the source of answers to everything we longed for, ”said Tommy Johnson, leader of the Kentucky Baptist Convention Campus Ministers Group.

Johnson said students who identify as Christians today “really have to be all out because they’re so turned away.” They are often seen as someone who hates and oppresses others because of their biblical beliefs. One of Converge’s goals this year was to strengthen this element of Bible teaching by adding six “mega escapes”.

Students could choose from one of six workshops, including what it means to be a godly man (for men only) or a woman (for women only), how to effectively share the gospel, how to study the scriptures, and how to study the scriptures. biblical world view of gender identity.

“These are questions of critical importance to our students,” Johnson said. “Students aspire to grow and study in the Word of God and to be in the Word of God consistently, but often they want help and how to do it. “

Through KBC’s Baptist Campus Ministry and events like Converge, Johnson said students are given the infrastructure they desire – knowing the biblical basis of their beliefs and encouraging one another. others when they come together in worship, community, and scripture study.

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