Emmi Jacobus is a senior star at Desert Christian Academy on the volleyball court. She turned out to be one of the best players in the valley, and she and volleyball were love at first sight.

“Actually it was in 6th grade and I went to the Desert Sports volleyball center down the street. It was a club and they were having a summer camp, so my mom put me in because I had friends and I just went for fun,” Jacobus said. “I was really scared to go there, but when I got there I said I loved it so much and it ignited my love for volleyball.”

Playing on the front line, Emmi has two jobs. To block and his favorite. Raise and kill this bullet.

Let me tell you. There is no such thing. You know when the ball is passed you know it will be a great pass and the passer will get it straight to you and you can feel it coming before it even happens.

Emmi was a key part of the 2019 CIF Conquerors Championship title, and she says it was the pinnacle of her volleyball career.

Until now.

Emmi’s hard work paid off as she signed up to play volleyball at Arizona Christian University in Glendale.

“The tight-knit community that is here at DCA is actually why I chose ACU because it mimics the tight unity of DCA,” Jacobus said. “And I didn’t want to go to college being another face in the crowd, I wanted professors and people to really know who I am.”

Debbee Scott, co-director of DCA and head volleyball coach, told News Channel Three: “I have known Emmi since she was in 4th grade and had the opportunity to coach her in volleyball over the past 3 years.”

“Emmi is an incredible athlete and person. We are thrilled that she has the opportunity to play at the next level.”

“Emmi is a joy to coach, she has a heart to learn and a work ethic that drives her to be better and better. I have seen her grow tremendously over the last 3 years and have no doubt that she’ll be an impact player in the ACU,” Scott said.

Emmi says she appreciated everyone who helped her get here. Especially his two biggest fans.

“Definitely my parents because they sacrificed a lot of time and money to play at the club in particular. I play at Rancho Valley which is in San Bernardino so we drive an hour and a half to practice three times a week and then we have tournaments,” said Jacobus. “So I think they played a huge role in making that happen.”

It takes a village. Emmi accomplished a lot in high school, but her journey has only just begun.

“I didn’t think I would play sports in college, I didn’t think I was good enough to play sports in college. But to really understand that you’re not just here to play volleyball, but to grow as a person for the next few years of your life,” Jacobus said.

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