Ahmedabad: Prior to the admission process for the new academic year, some self-funded technical colleges made a representation before the Fee (Technical) Regulatory Committee to let them increase the fees.
Earlier, the state government had asked the association of self-funded technical colleges not to raise fees for 2022-23 due to the pandemic situation.
Most of the colleges had given their agreement and the association had given a written assurance to this effect.
Sources said that despite this, some colleges asked just before the admissions process that they be allowed to raise fees.
According to sources, the colleges that made the representation argued that they have not been allowed to raise fees for the past three years and are now finding it difficult to manage their finances.
The FRC is likely to ask these colleges to submit financial documents to substantiate their request and then take a call to find out whether to accommodate their request, sources said.
They said that if the committee allows some colleges to raise fees, students who are admitted to those colleges will have to pay more than other colleges.


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