Based on my personal experience as a student, it can be very difficult to find a suitable space to study, especially during exam season.

Although students can visit a library or cafes, various limitations often make these options unviable. The folks at Jerry, a coworking brand with spaces in TTDI and SS15, get it.

“We had the chance to speak to one of our guests, a PhD student who is having difficulty booking space in the institution’s library due to social distancing and other restrictions. said Reene Low, senior marketing manager at luxury coworking space Colony, the company behind Jerry.

From this conversation, the team realized they could do more for the students. So they launched a special offer.

Invest in productivity

If there’s one demographic that’s all about affordability that Jerry preaches, it’s college students. The budget coworking brand already offers its private rooms for RM30 per day or RM610 per month, although pricing is dynamic.

According to Timothy (Tim) Tiah, co-founder and executive director of Jerry, the price will go up as his occupancy goes up and down when he goes down.

However, Jerry’s student rate is as low as RM9.90 per person per day.

The spacious common lounge of the SS15 Jerry agency

Of course, students could visit the library for free, but the company has heard stories about how hard it has been to study in the library since capacity has been reduced. Additionally, study room bookings are often capped, usually at a maximum of four hours.

“Also, most cafes have a 90-minute time limit for seating, which isn’t ideal for students who plan to sit and study as long as they want,” said Reene.

Currently, Jerry has not publicly rolled out the program, instead opting to work directly with student unions who will help share discount codes for students to use.

This is because the team doesn’t want others to abuse the student discount, as they haven’t created a system to check if someone is a student or not.

So far, the team has been able to partner with Sunway College and continues to roll out the program with other institutions.

“The big difference with Jerry and other coworking spaces is that we offer private offices at lower prices than hot desks in other coworking spaces,” Tim shared.

Private offices can vary in size from 1 to 4 people, and groups of students are encouraged to book the larger private offices together. The price is still RM9.90 each per day.

Having a private room means group discussions can take place freely and students can get comfortable and remove their masks, compared to public spaces such as libraries and cafes.

Benefits of studying in a coworking space

Along with privacy, Jerry provides students with standard coworking space amenities, such as high-speed, stable internet access and filtered water refills.

A water filter is available in the pantry, providing unlimited hydration

Having worked at Jerry’s several times myself at SS15 (we wrote a full review here), I can say that the air-conditioned and relatively quiet space was conducive to productivity.

Although most coworking spaces pride themselves on creating a space for community engagement with shared desks and open office plans, Tim once told us that having only private cubicles was an intentional decision by focus more on a great location, a fast internet connection, and a comfortable desk.

Having your own desk also comes with better security, so your stuff doesn’t have to be stuffed into a locked drawer every time you leave your table.

There is a digital lock on each office door, with a unique access code given to you by the e-concierge each time you make a reservation. This way, you can get in and out as you please between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. without worrying about your expensive electronics being stolen.

Speaking of electronics, there are plenty of outlets available in the rooms, so you never have to search for outlets or worry about running out of battery.

In addition to these basic features provided by Jerry, the team is investigating a special benefit for students.

Private rooms allow students to feel comfortable in their own space

“It’s still early days for us to know if this strategy is working as we are still closely monitoring the results, but we have considered wrapping our student fares with meals provided by collaborating with food vendors near Jerry’s outlets” , explained Reene.

Even though meals are not provided by Jerry, there are plenty of affordable dining options nearby, especially for the SS15 location. Students will be pleased to know that there is an LRT station minutes from the TTDI and SS15 locations.


Personally, Jerry has proven to be a fun and carefree zone with all the basic amenities I need to focus on my job. I believe that students who want to focus on their studies will also find the space conducive to their productivity.

For less than RM10 a day, Jerry provides a comfortable and safe study space for students that doesn’t break the bank. Perhaps postgraduate students who are studying will get the most out of this deal, as libraries and cafes aren’t often the most conducive spaces for long-term work.

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