MANKATO — This week, 12 private colleges in Minnesota announced they would offer community college students who earn their associate of arts degrees guaranteed admission through the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum program.

Among the 12 participating private colleges is Bethany Lutheran College.

“Bethany supports the initiative. Our faculty have a long and warm history of going the extra mile to welcome and encourage transfer students,” said Jeff Lemke, Vice President of Admissions. “This pathway is just another step forward in providing advancement opportunities for students.”

The Transfer Admissions Guarantee allows community college students to plan ahead without worrying about admissions. As long as they meet the pre-qualifications of the private college of their choice, admission is guaranteed.

South Central College students who want to apply to Bethany, for example, need a 2.0-2.5 GPA to qualify for guaranteed admission.

CSC students can also transfer to any Bethany program that interests them. Some of the most popular paths are business, media arts, and medicine.

“At these 12 institutions, students also benefit from block AA transfer to meet general education requirements, provided a 2.0 is achieved in each course,” said John Manning of the Minnesota Private College Council. in a press release. “That means the 60 credits earned for AA counts towards their bachelor’s degree.”

Lemke verified this, saying nearly all community college students who transfer to Bethany with an AA degree are able to complete their undergraduate degree in two years. Bethany accepts in-state and out-of-state transfer program and A.A. program credits.

The Transfer Admissions Guarantee came about after Minnesota Private College Council institution representatives discussed the need to find new ways to better support transfer students. After learning about similar admission guarantees offered in New England, the group was inspired.

It has since been developed as part of the Transfer Initiative – which, according to their website, “aims to improve support for community college students who transfer to member institutions to obtain their bachelor’s degree” – coordinated by the Council and supported by funding.

“It’s great that the private college group has come together to say, ‘Hey, how can we make this easier for community college students as well,’ said Judy Endres, associate vice president of student affairs at CSC. “We’ve had students who have already transferred to other private colleges as well as public universities, so I appreciate the efforts the private colleges are making to make the process more transparent and a little easier for us.”

Endres added that it is crucial for CSC students to connect with the universities they wish to attend.

“We really want to emphasize this to our students, to make sure they speak to the host institution, as they will be really helpful in this work and help make it easier for our students,” she said .

Lemke, again, confirmed.

“One of Bethany’s most experienced admissions counselors, Ben Petzel, is available to work personally with students as they walk through the process and select a major,” he said.

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