The ruby-throated hummingbird does not tolerate cold well. He doesn’t like the cold temperatures of the 20s. He may fall into a stupor to protect himself, but he prefers to head south, especially at this time of year.

Temperatures, however, are not what will send them south. Just like other birds, the length of sunlight and the changing angle of the sun in the sky tells them to go south.

Don’t take your feeders down until you’ve seen a hummer for three or four days. Those who come from further north will pass through Kentucky after ours have left. They will need food to keep them strong for the long journey across the Gulf of Mexico to the jungles and hot climates of Central and South America.

The first Sunday in November marks the end of daylight saving time and we change our clocks to “fall time”, or backwards. So there are about three weeks left to take advantage of the late evenings. I hope you have been able to see very bright and very close Jupiter for the past two weeks in the eastern sky.

“Life is a garden! Dig it!” This was seen on a Baptist church sign in Nashville.

The Daughters of the American Revolution met at Farley’s last Friday for their first meeting of the season. The girls must prove, generation by generation, our family line up to a patriot who fought during the Revolution. One of mine was too old to fight, so he donated ammunition and supplies to the soldiers and is therefore considered a patriot.

We enjoyed seeing the others as it had been a while since we last met. Shelia Heflin had returned from a trip to the northern United States. I love going to Farley’s because the food and desserts are out of this world. Delicious! And the house is so attractive and pleasing to the eye. I always see something new.

“I no longer seek the Sign of the Times. I seek the sound of the Trumpet! This Baptist Church sign was sent to me by my cousin in Sparks, Nevada. Her grandmother was Catholic, but somehow she ended up worshiping Buddha. But I still pray for her. There is only one religion in the world whose Lord has risen from the dead and touches us today. When we accept Jesus, everything changes.

I was glad Kathryn Young was home and could join us at the DAR meeting, and not stuck in Florida during the hurricane. Her car and golf cart were swept away by the hurricane, but she is safe.

It was really good to see a longtime friend from Sacramento, Mary Helm Pendleton, at the reunion. She is eligible to be a girl. We just need to collect his papers! I have to work on that over the next month. We went to Sacramento High School together, but she was a year ahead of me! We never see each other enough, even if we talk too long on the phone.

“No perfect people are allowed!” This was seen on the Stoney Point United Methodist Church sign.

I managed to contact a cousin, John Willis and his wife, Frances, in Florida. Their house was too close to the path of the hurricane. They had headed for the home of one of their children, which is further north and on higher ground. So they were safe from Ian.

The same goes for my former principal, or should I say, my ex-principal, Teddy White, and his wife, Susan, who taught with me. They had moved to Florida when they retired to get away from the Kentucky winters, but ran into a hurricane. I think I would prefer cold and snow. They’ve moved a bit north and out of the way, so they’re safe. Thank you Jesus!

“If the truth hurts, then it works!” This was seen on the Trinity Baptist Church sign.

With deep sadness, prayers are asked for the family of Jeff Helm, who died Saturday morning, October 1, in a house fire in Sacramento. He graduated from Sacramento High School in 1971, the same year as my brother, Billy. He was on the Sacramento high school basketball team as a forward/guard, along with my brother, who was the center. It was the last team before the school was consolidated and there was no more Sacramento High School and Blue Jays. As of this writing, I have not received notice from the funeral home regarding the services.

Someone told us on Saturday while we were with his family that Jeff was Sacramento High School’s last basketball player. My brother left to be with Jesus, and David Frailley and Joe Logsdon left. I don’t know about some of the others. If anyone knows any of the other players, text me and let me know if it’s correct that Jeff was the last player.

Everyone is invited and everyone is welcome at services at Poplar Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church this Sunday at 9:45 a.m. If you have never been to church or haven’t been in some time, you are welcome to join us.

You can reach me at 270-875-5317 and leave a message or text, or email me at [email protected] if you have any news.

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