With patience and attention to detail, crews are painstakingly restoring the historic 100-year-old Federal Reserve Bank building and renovating the adjacent Florida Baptist Convention building – a project that will bring new retail, dining and residential space to the heart of downtown. town of Jacksonville.

Built in 1922, the Federal Reserve Bank building at 724 N. Hogan St. will feature an upscale restaurant as well as event/banquet space, offices and an outdoor courtyard for alfresco dining.

Completed in 1924, the five-story former Florida Baptist Convention building next door at 218 W. Church St. will house 24 apartments as well as retail and dining space on the ground floor.

Both are designated as National Historic Buildings.

Jacksonville-based JWB Real Estate Capital LLC is reviving and rehabilitating the two structures in a project with an estimated investment of nearly $18.5 million.

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“These buildings will add a lot of vibrancy when they’re finished, and we’ve demolished too many of our historic buildings, so we need to save the ones we have,” said Alex Sifakis, president and co-founder of JWB Real Estate Capital. , told the Times-Union. “Historic buildings give downtown a sense of place and create street interest that increases the appeal of the neighborhood.”

Located near City Hall, the parking lot between Sweet Pete’s and the Federal Reserve will become an outdoor courtyard with an outdoor bar and seating for both buildings’ restaurants, Sifakis said.

Sifakis also said they were talking to “a lot of big restaurateurs, but no leases have been signed yet.

Restaurant, planned event space for the Federal Reserve Bank

Built in 1922, the historic Jacksonville branch building of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta at 424 N. Hogan St. is being restored for adaptive reuse as a restaurant, bar and special events space by JWB Real Estate Capital LLC.

The Federal Reserve will have a bar in the basement, an upscale full-service restaurant on the first floor, and high-end event space for weddings, parties and corporate events on the second and third floors, Sifakis said. .

“There are 18 to 23 foot ceilings on these floors,” Sifakis said.

A vault in the bank’s basement is still there, but it’s not an ornate vault, he said. Instead, it was a utilitarian safe that will likely be used as a private room and space in the back of the house.

The 100-year-old Federal Reserve Bank building was originally designed by Henrietta Dozier, who was Jacksonville’s first female architect.

The bank building sat abandoned for about 40 years before JWB Real Estate Capital acquired it for $1.75 million in a sale recorded Aug. 3, 2020, property and court records show. Duval County.

Restaurant, Upcoming Apartments at Baptist Convention Building

Dating to 1924, the former Florida Baptist Convention Building, downtown, at 218 W. Church St. is being restored by JWB Real Estate Capital LLC for adaptive reuse as restaurants, retail and downtown apartments. town of Jacksonville.

At 98, the renovated Florida Baptist Convention building will include approximately 5,000 square feet of retail on the ground floor, primarily restaurants and bars, and 24 residential units on floors two through five, Sifakis said.

The building was the last downtown office building designed by Henry Klutho, the Colliers website showed.

Known for his “Prairie Style” architecture, Klutho was instrumental in rebuilding Jacksonville after the Great Fire of 1901, according to the Jacksonville Historical Society publication “The Great Fire of 1901” by Bill Foley and Wayne W. Wood .

JWB Real Estate Capital acquired this building for $675,000 in a sale recorded August 26, 2020, according to county court and property records.

The restoration of the bank building reflects an estimated investment of $7.6 million, while the investment for the Baptist Convention building is estimated at $10.8 million, according to a summary of major development projects from the Jax Downtown Investment Authority.

Auld & White Constructors LLC is the general contractor for the project, which must follow federal guidelines for the restoration of historic buildings.

The construction of the two buildings began last August.

“We have completed most of the structural and exterior work, and are now completing the mechanical, electrical and plumbing for both buildings. Drywall is nearing completion at 218 Church [former Baptist Convention building],” he said.

Sifakis estimates that the construction will be finished in December.

The original intricate plasterwork ornamentation of the vaulted ceiling of the historic Jacksonville branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Building is being restored.

Historic Federal Reserve Building and Former Baptist Convention Building

  • Address: 424 N. Hogan St. and 218 W. Church St.
  • Location: Downtown Jacksonville near Sweet Pete’s and City Hall
  • Overview of the Federal Reserve Construction Project: Restore for reuse as an upscale restaurant, bar, special events/banquet space and outdoor courtyard
  • Florida Baptist Convention Construction Project: Renovate and convert the building into 24 apartments on the second to fifth floors with commercial space on the ground floor.
  • The construction has started: August 2021
  • Work progress: Most of the structural and exterior work has been completed. The workers are finishing the mechanics, electricity and plumbing of the two buildings. Drywall nearing completion at the Baptist Convention Building
  • Expected completion: December
  • Estimated combined project cost: About $18.5 million
  • Developer: JWB Real Estate Capital LLC
  • Service provider: Builders Auld & White LLC

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