Pat Robertson, famous televangelist and founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network, has stepped down as host of longtime Christian talk show “The 700 Club”.

The 91-year-old announced his departure during Friday’s edition of the series, telling audiences the episode would be his last and that his son and current network CEO Gordon will take over as host.

Robertson, a Southern Baptist pastor and staunch Conservative, will still appear in monthly episodes of “The 700 Club” but plans to focus on teaching at Regent University, the Christian university in Virginia he founded, according to the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN).

“’Good and faithful’ doesn’t even begin to describe my father’s service to CBN for 60 years,” Gordon Robertson said in a statement to CBN. “His legacy and example of his prayer life will continue to lead ‘The 700 Club’ for years to come.”

Robertson founded CBN in 1960 and six years later created “The 700 Club”. The program, originally named for its goal of 700 members whose pledges would keep the station afloat financially, became a showcase for Robertson’s political views, including his anti-LGBTQ and anti-feminism beliefs.

Robertson made a number of controversial remarks throughout his tenure as host of “The 700 Club”, including in 2013, when he falsely claimed that gay men with HIV deliberately tried to infect others. people with the virus. Three years earlier, he had suggested that the devastating earthquake in Haiti that killed hundreds of thousands of people in 2010 happened because Haiti had made “a pact with the devil”.

He has also interviewed several presidents of the series, most recently Donald Trump. Although Robertson supported the former president, he said in December 2020 that Trump was living in an “alternate reality” for refusing to accept his defeat in the 2020 election.

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