SEATTLE — A new village of small homes will provide shelter for about 60 people who lived outdoors in Rainier Beach and south Seattle.

A grand opening celebration for Southend Village, located at 9101 Martin Luther King Jr. Way S, will be held on Thursday, with speakers, tours and refreshments.

The village has 40 small houses. The 8′ x 12′ units are fully furnished with heating, insulation and lockable doors for families, couples, individuals and people with pets who are homeless.

The new small community of homes is staffed 24 hours a day and includes shared bathrooms, showers, laundry and kitchen and gathering spaces. There are also offices for case managers and security.

The village has an entrance and an emergency exit, and is surrounded by a cedar fence to ensure the safety of residents.

On-site case managers will be available to help occupants find permanent housing, jobs, health care, identification and services.

LIHI said the goal is for residents to have a place to stay while case managers help them transition “as quickly as possible” into permanent housing.

People living in the village are required to follow a code of conduct which includes regular meetings with a case manager on a plan to transition into permanent housing.

Residents will share duties which include garbage collection in and around the village, general upkeep, cleaning and beautification of the site.

LIHI said a community advisory board made up of neighbors, businesses and community members is being formed. The group will meet monthly to provide neighborhood oversight, input and support.

The village sits on private land and is sponsored by the Truevine of Holiness Missionary Baptist Church, which will operate the village in partnership with the Low Income Housing Institute.

“Thanks to a last-minute grant of $250,000 from the Lucky Seven Foundation, the King County Regional Homelessness Authority has agreed to fund an additional $500,000 in operating costs for this year,” a LIHI statement read.

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