Conventional wisdom suggests that putting too much emphasis on the first cross-country race of the season is foolish.

However, there were some “unconventional” things to note at the St. Michael’s Bayou Boogie Classic on Saturday at Highland Road Park.

There were new faces. But Catholic High placed its five runners in the top nine to win the men’s title with a low 23 points, ahead of second-placed host St. Michael at 97.

The surprise came to the girls. Houma’s Vandebilt Catholic won top individual and team honors. The Terriers edged St. Joseph’s Academy 44-49 in the team standings, thanks in part to individual champion Brynn Kelso.

SJA, winner of the last six Class 5A women’s titles, split their team between the Bayou Boogie encounter and the Mobile Challenge of Champions. The Redstickers won the Alabama game.

“To be honest, I didn’t come with as much strategy for this race as trying to win it,” Kelso said. “You wonder if you should take him out or just stay with the peloton. I wanted to keep the rhythm as honest and steady as possible.

Kelso forged his own three-mile pace and a winning time of 19 minutes, 13.41 seconds. She finished 26 seconds ahead of the next closest finisher.

Times were slower than normal on a Highland course softened by weeks of rain. This has done little to hamper competitiveness.

Vanderbilt and St. Joseph’s had three runners in the top 10 and placed all of their scoring runners in the top 20. Julia Monzon led St. Joseph’s with a fifth-place finish.

Catholic’s Matthew Maynard just missed a key goal, going under 16 minutes. Maynard finished in 16:00.71, ahead of teammate David Lemann (16:11.45) and Peyton Bourgeois of St. Amant, who led the race at the mile mark.

“With us (Maynard and Lemann) it usually comes down to the last 800 and it can be one of us,” Maynard said. “I was first today, but I’m not satisfied.

“Next week (Episcopal’s Round Table Run) it will be much more difficult depending on the teams and runners we will see. It was the beginning.

St. Michael 22nd Bayou Boogie Classic


Team scores: 1. Catholic High, 23. 2. St. Michael, 97. 3. Parkview Baptist, 109. 4. Episcopal School of Acadiana, 110. 5. David Thibodaux, 137. 6. Vandebilt Catholic, 179. 7. Mandeville, 196 8. Hahnville, 295. 9. Haynes Academy, 298. 10. Shaw, 306.

People: 1. Matthew Maynard, Catholic High School, 16:00.71. 2. David Lemann, Catholic High School, 16:11.45. 3. Peyton Bourgeois, St. Amant, 16:24.11. 4. Cooper Mockler, Catholic High School, 16:29.31. 5. Atticus Solis, David Thibodaux, 16:32.87. 6. Aiden Monistere, Parkview Baptist, 16:37.04. 7. Elliott Eagleton, Catholic High School, 16:42.17. 8. William Nizzo, St. Michael, 16:47.36. 9. Donald Scully, Catholic High School, 16:49.93. 10. Daniel Hudson, Catholic High School, 16:49.93. 11. Kohl Feucht, Parkview Baptist, 16:50.42. 12. Cooper Bankston, St. Michael, 16:55.56.


Team scores: 1. Vandebilt Catholic, 44. 2. St. Joseph’s, 49. 3. Parkview Baptist, 124. 4. Mandeville, 152. 5. St. Michael, 183. 6. Episcopal School of Acadiana, 197. 7. Ascension Episcooal, 207. 8. Central Private, 215. 9. Live Oak, 248. 10. St. Amant, 250.

People: 1. Brynn Kelso, Catholic Vandebilt, 19:13.41. 2. Sara Godley, Episcopal Ascension, 19:38.44. 3. Ella Willoughby, Saint-Amant, 20:01.96. 4. Grace French, David Thibodaux, 20:28.98. 5. Julia Monzon, St. Joseph, 20:20.19. 6. Olivia Hatch, Catholic Vandebilt, 20:41.89. 7. Bella Biggerstaff, Episcopal Ascension, 20:52.47. 8. Grace Martin, St. Joseph’s, 20:59.30. 9. Logan Hamilton, Catholic Vandebilt, 21:01.56. 10. Melia Hooper, St. Joseph, 21:13.13. 11. Gracie Pepitone, Parkview Baptist, 21:29.36. 12. Olivia Hayes, Mandeville, 21:49.39.

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