Muslim stakeholders in Kwara blamed the state government. for not having arrested and prosecuted the perpetrators of the violence

From Dele Moses, Ilorin

Kwara State Muslim Stakeholders in Offa and Oyun Local Government Areas of Kwara State have expressed their objection to the actions of the state government on some issues related to the recent crisis regarding the wearing of hijab by female students of Oyun Baptist High School, Ijagbo in Oyun local government.

The government reopened the school last week after receiving the report of a commission of inquiry it set up over the crisis, but has yet to issue a white paper on the report.

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Muslim actors, while blaming the government’s intervention on the crisis, blamed it for failing to ensure the arrest and prosecution of people they called known perpetrators of violence that led to the death of a young Muslim, Habeeb Idris, and the injury of some other faithful. during the crisis.


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Stakeholders who spoke to reporters in Ilorin on Thursday also condemned the government for providing what they described as insignificant sums of money to the family of the deceased as compensation and to the injured for treatment.

They said the government “shamelessly gave a paltry sum of one million naira to the family of the slain Habeeb Idris and two hundred and fifty thousand naira just for the treatment of the ten gunshot victims,”

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Muslims who alleged the killing of Idris and others injured were carried out by people they described as agents of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) have questioned why the government would offer CAN N250,000 after that the alleged agents of the association perpetrated the violence.

They did, however, express satisfaction that the families of the dead and injured had returned the money to the government.

“We want it on record that the families of the deceased and injured victims have since returned the embarrassing sums mentioned above to the state government,” they said.

Muslims demanded that the government ensure that the perpetrators of the killings and maimings are arrested and prosecuted

They also demanded adequate compensation to the bereaved family while calling on the government to pay the medical and other expenses of the injured victims.

Stakeholders demanded the government release the commission of inquiry white paper even as they criticized the government for not making it a judicial commission.

The Muslims, who alleged that some Baptist school staff bullied female students who wore the hijab after the school reopened with a government directive that consenting Muslims Students are free to wear the hijab, called on the government to warn and monitor school staff for bullying of students.

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