There is a need to discuss the challenges that women and children face across faiths, he said, adding that women and children are among the vulnerable groups subject to abuse.

“If there is an imbalance of power and financial resources, there is potential for abuse,” Rev. Chan told ACI Africa Africa, and added, “To tackle these issues at different levels From top to bottom, I’m contacting some of the congressional leaders who are experts in protecting children or women.

He underscored the need for inter-faith dialogue on the challenges women and children face in society, saying such an approach helps to learn from each other.

“Protestants can learn from Catholics and how to do it,” said the director of international partnerships and minister of Canadian Baptist ministries.

Discussions across faiths can facilitate understanding of how structures can be put in place “at all levels so that we can protect children and women from abuse. I think there is a dialogue to be had at this level,” Rev. Chan told ACI Africa during the July 21 interview.

Recalling an earlier discussion on the third day of the Congress July 19-22, Reverend Chan said, “We have just come out of a very lively session talking about how to protect and safeguard children in Africa, in churches , and I think it’s wonderful that you really know that voices are being heard from every corner and from every place.

“It is an African Congress where African Christians can make their voices heard,” he noted of the Pan-African Catholic Congress that Pope Francis rented as “a sign of the outgoing African Church” in a video recording.

He appreciated the structure of the Congress, combining formal contributions and discussions. “It’s not just about learning and listening to talks and presentations, but also learning from discussions,” the Baptist minister said.

“Everyone has a voice, even those who don’t. Often people talk about women or children who don’t have a voice, but their advocates speak out on their behalf here in Congress,” he said, adding, “I’m really encouraged by that. , and also challenged as a Protestant.”

“It’s also something we need to do more of, give a voice to those who don’t have one,” said the holder of a doctorate in systematic theology from University of Toronto in his native country, Canada, underlined.

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