For a leader best known for his clashes with the Mamata Banerjee government in West Bengal as state governor, and whom the Trinamool Congress has often accused of acting as an “agent of the BJP”, the first election contested by Jagdeep Dhankhar was on a Janata Dal ticket, when he was elected to Lok Sabha from Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan.

His next election was for the Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha – this time on a Congress ticket. Having represented Kishangarh in the Assembly from 1993 to 1998, Dhankhar, a graduate of the University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, who obtained his LLB degree in 1978-79, is also a former President of the Bar Association of the High Court of Rajasthan.

“Since 1998, he was a full-time senior barrister practicing in the Supreme Court – until he was appointed Governor of West Bengal in 2019,” says younger brother Randeep Dhankhar.

Born into a farming family in Kithana village in Jhunjhunu district in 1951, Dhankhar was educated at a local government school before going to Sainik School in Chittorgarh. He is married to Sudesh Dhankhar and they have one daughter, Kamna.

Since July 2019, Dhankhar has been almost a one-man opposition in Bengal, having regularly clashed with the TMC government on various issues. In fact, such acrimonious has been the relationship that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee even blocked Dhankhar on social media.

From the law and order situation in the state to post-election violence, from accusations of corruption to failings in bureaucracy, the governor never ran out of questions to criticize the government.

His relationship with Assembly Speaker Biman Banerjee was no less bitter – last year Biman Banerjee complained to Speaker Ram Nath Kovind against Dhankhar for allegedly interfering in the affairs of the government of the state. Dhankhar, in turn, criticized the president for stopping video coverage of his speech in the House, and even closing the doors of the Assembly on one occasion to deny him entry.

The relationship between Dhankhar and the TMC government worsened when the state decided to replace the governor with the CM as chancellor of state universities. The Assembly passed the University of West Bengal Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2022 on June 13. the state.

Both bills are pending approval by the Governor.

While TMC accused Dhankhar of failing to approve the bills and creating ‘unnecessary hurdles’ in the functioning of state government, the latter says he followed the rules and the Constitution by pointing out the issues. to the government and state legislature.

Dhankhar often requested details, especially expenditure details, from the state government on various issues.

According to Raj Bhavan’s website, Dhankhar is an avid reader, an avid sportsman – he served as the president of the Rajasthan Olympic Association and the Rajasthan Tennis Association – and enjoys traveling with his family.