LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) – Mount Olive Baptist Church in Lufkin has a new home thanks to the combined generosity of five other churches in the area.

Built in 1887, Mount Olive Baptist Church recently suffered damage due to events such as this year’s severe winter storm.

“The ice storm triggered a lot of water exposure and they started to bring in water, a lot of water because it rained a lot at the start of the year and they lost a lot of rooms,” said Robert Jones, pastor of Moscow. Baptist Church.

Mount Olive Baptist Church contacted the Moscow Baptist Church who decided to help. The Moscow Baptist Church is connected with four other churches: Chestnut Drive Baptist Church, Fairview Baptist Church, Barnum Baptist Church, and Providence Baptist Church on behalf of Mount Olive. In total, the five churches raised $ 12,000 to build a new roof for Mount Olive Baptist Church.

“God opened the door through these churches that I spoke of and with funds that went directly into the church, there is money for them not only to make the roof, but there is the money for them too to repair the interior, ”Jones mentioned.

Mount Olive Baptist Church pastor Archie Overshine said he was extremely grateful.

“I was with great joy and compassion because when God called me to this place, I was excited. But when I saw the damage done to this church, I wanted to make repairs, ”said Overshine.

Overshine said the extra money for interior repairs will go to church offices, Sunday school and possibly a seminary.

“Well, it shows me that there is still love not only in this community but around the world,” Overshine said.

Jones said the group’s efforts to start raising funds began in July and with the help of volunteers from the community, they expect the roof to be completed by next week.

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