In 2020, we reported on Love Packages, an organization working to address shortages of Bibles and Christian literature in developing countries.

TAB Media’s Annette Brown and her husband, Barry, help transport donations for Love Packages. Photo courtesy of Annette Brown/The Alabama Baptist

Readers responded to a call from TAB President and Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Davis Rash to help Love Packages reach its goal of sending 2,020 tons worldwide in 2020. Hundreds of books of Bibles, from the lightly used Sunday school literature and other materials were carried. from the TAB office in Homewood to the Love Packages warehouse in Decatur.

In the months that followed, Love Packages continued its mission to help pastors and teachers. In recent weeks, equipment has been delivered to Kenya, Ghana, India, Uganda and the Philippines.

But like so many individuals and organizations, Love Packages faces challenges, said Jason Jenkins, director of the Alabama branch of Love Packages.

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In a recent video, Jenkins asked for prayers that shipping containers come out as planned.

“We’re struggling to get them out right now,” he said. “We shipped one last week, but we were supposed to ship two.”

Jenkins said maintaining the regular shipping schedule is important because people in other countries are hungry for materials, and also because it helps manage space in the warehouse.

“Literature is continually coming in,” he said. “Our warehouse is pretty full right now.”

Shipping costs are also rising, Jenkins said. 20-foot ocean containers hold about 40,000 pounds of material and cost about $6,000 to ship.

“It used to be $3,500 to $4,500 on average, so prices are going up,” he said. “Pray for us that people support us and we can ship these [containers] out.

“In 46 years we have seen how God has always provided,” Jenkins said. “We trust him but we like to make the needs known.”

Since its inception in 1975, Love Packages has shipped Christian literature to 154 countries. The organization ships more than 1,500 tons per year. Go to to learn more.

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