Liberation Technology Services, a comprehensive provider of technology infrastructure and independent digital solutions, offers private cloud hosting, web/app development solutions complemented by uncompromising privacy and cybersecurity. Developed by tech experts for freedom first, they tackle the irresponsible actions and harmful practices that plague the privacy of millions of Americans and affect organizations around the world.

TAMPA, Florida., September 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A Cybersecurity Attack Occurs Every 39 Seconds, According to Research by the University of Maryland. Thirty percent of cyberattacks cost victimized businesses more than $500,000 in 2020 according to a survey conducted by Harris Poll.

According to an IBM study, 39% of the costs related to these data breaches are not recognized until more than a year after the breach. It is therefore difficult for companies to assess the negative financial impact and the invaluable loss of confidence.

With the immense increase in data, privacy breaches, and biased censorship with de-platforming, these have become bottom-line destroying liabilities.

The past two years reveal examples of the financial and reputational ramifications of cyberattacks. A pipeline suffered a ransomware attack that crippled its functionality. Major brands have experienced the leak of their customer data and business documents costing millions to repair.

Additionally, the “fine print,” agreed upon in the service agreements and terms of most cloud solution providers, gives them the ability to sell and exploit customer data, making that data non-proprietary. Big Tech has made billions of dollars monetizing data.

Liberation Technology Services, a large-scale provider of technology infrastructure and independent digital solutions, calls on companies and organizations to be aware of programs that undermine the technology industry. Privacy, security, online sovereignty and a censorship-free guarantee are essential to the security and success of their businesses.

Liberation Technology Services founder and former White House official Andrew Riddaugh says, “It’s no secret that today’s cloud solution providers pose a serious risk to businesses and organizations in the areas of data privacy, security, sovereignty and potential de-platforming The elephant in the boardroom is that it has never been more essential for them to start looking for scalable alternatives to CSPs at scale.”

The questions remain: “Will these privacy, data, and online sovereignty concerns finally raise the red flag from considering migrating to other CSPs, like Liberation Technology Services?” Or will corporations continue to raise the flag of surrender and stay locked behind the gray? bars of uncertainty, continue to risk their consumers’ proprietary data and the freedom to stay online? »

Liberation Technology Services is focused on liberating online businesses with peace of mind through their “Iron Dome” cyber defense that takes a multi-layered approach to securing their data with multiple “zero-knowledge” private data centers. They also have a no censorship guarantee, they will never censor, silence or misrepresent any of their customers and at no time will they resell their customer data.

Online freedom is not “free” with current CSPs. The security of a company’s customer data, as well as the ability to continue to assert its brand message and core beliefs online, is compromised.

Solutions from Liberation Technology Services restore freedom to an industry that has been imperiled by greed and the agendas of Big Tech. Companies should be aware that other providers like LTS are available and they do not financially strangle their organization’s budgets.

The question is clear: “Is it acceptable for business data and customer privacy to be compromised to save money?” No, this trust is priceless.

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Liberation Technology Services is a complete provider of technology infrastructure and independent digital solutions. Liberation Technology Services advances businesses and organizations of all sizes with private cloud hosting, web/application development solutions, and a multi-tier “Iron Dome” cyber defense system supported by private data centers at zero knowledge located everywhere United States. Liberation Technology Services proudly offers uncompromising privacy and cybersecurity, and a censorship-free guarantee, safeguarding business freedom and security, and the organization’s data and likeness online.

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