Former Baylor players have called out Brittney Griner for misrepresenting their former coach Kim Mulkey in the media. It turns out Brittney Griner claimed in a report on ESPN that Baylor head coach Mulkey advised her to keep her sexuality private as it could deter potential signings in the future. However, several Baylor Bears players have defended Coach Mulkey against the Phoenix Mercury star’s comments.

Before entering the WNBA as the number one pick in the 2013 draft, Brittney Griner had established herself as the tallest woman to ever play for Baylor. In 2012, she led the Lady Bears to their second NCAA championship. In the process, Griner also won the NCAA Finals Most Outstanding Player award.


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However, the 6’9″ center wasn’t thrilled to talk about his experience at Baylor. In fact, she revealed in an interview that head coach Mulkey and members of the coaching staff advised her not to talk openly about her sexuality in public. According to Griner, the reason for such a request was not to deter future recruits.

Former Baylor players call out Brittney Griner over remarks

Brittney Griner has addressed the issue of having to hide her sexuality during her college years. “It was a question of recruitment“Griner told ESPN.”The coaches thought that if they seemed to tolerate this people would not let their children play for Baylor.”

They kind of tried to do it, like, ‘Why put your business on the streets like that?’” she added.

Afterwards, Griner admitted that trainer Kim Mulkey had no problem with his sexuality. In fact, it was pretty much an open secret among everyone on the program. However, she felt discouraged from speaking openly about her problems.

In response, ex-Baylor player Stasha Richards denounced Griner’s rhetoric on the issue. As a member of the Griner’s Baylor era coaching staff, Richards said: “I’ve seen people destroy Brittney in the media about her looks, her voice, the way she talks, the way she walks – and I’ve seen Kim fall asleep defending herself, making statements and making sure it was respected.

In my opinion, she went out of her way to defend her,” she added.

Former Baylor players on Griner claims

Several Baylor players criticized Griner’s rhetoric as dishonest. In fact, eight-time former WNBA All-Star teammate Jhasmin Player said most Bears players would disagree with his statements.


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Former recruits like Sheila Lambert vouched for Coach Mulkey’s reputation. In fact, she revealed that Mulkey has always tried to protect her players from the world.

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Incidentally, Baylor University is a private Baptist school in Texas. Therefore, he is known to hold conservative views on issues of sexuality.

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