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Tiffany Houston is an invisible hero in Newnan.

Houston moved from Carrollton to Newnan in 1998 and has been working in the school system since 2002. Most of the time, you can find her helping Newnan seniors with various errands.

His charitable acts began when he was 18 years old. She took old people fishing in exchange for gas money. After having her daughter, she also started helping them pay their bills.

She helps these seniors through her ministry, Wearing My Crown. This ministry is led by the Summer Hill Baptist Church, of which her husband is the president.

Currently, she has 20 elderly people whom she takes care of for free.

“Their kids don’t really care about them,” she says. “A lot of kids grow up and take care of themselves but not their parents.”

She hopes that by helping these people, she can make their lives easier.

Houston receives food from the First Baptist Church and food banks to give to these seniors. She also refills their medication and insulin, which nurses in these nursing homes are not allowed to do themselves.

“I’ll give them lists with step-by-step instructions on how to cook the meals.” She says: “I also gave them timetables with things to do because they are bored in nursing homes.

Houston has sickle cell disease, which unfortunately slowed her down, as the disease worsens with age.

Houston didn’t have a mother or father around when she was growing up, which led her to place a high value on family. Growing up with elderly people, she realized that many had no family to help them.

One day while she was driving her daughter to school, a man approached her car and asked if Houston could take her to the grocery store. This quickly evolved into her taking him and his wife around town until he went blind and was hospitalized. Houston brought his wife to visit him once a month until his death.

“He was always pushing me,” she recalls. “He convinced me to get a job instead of just relying on my husband. Even when I wanted to quit, he convinced me not to.

This fall will be his 20th year working for the Coweta County School System and is currently a special needs bus driver in Coweta.

“I think about giving up every year, but there’s always a kid who falls in love with me that I can’t leave behind,” she said. “The responsibility and being around intensely struggling kids is often too much.”

Houston said she preferred to stay out of the spotlight and thanked Summer Hill church staff like Pastor Jeremy Bryant and Pastor Emeritus JT Coleman for mentoring her along the way. .

“I do it from the heart,” she said. “I don’t do it for publicity. God showed me my purpose.

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