ENID, OK – Research indicates that communication failures between providers and the patients they serve account for up to 90% of preventable injuries in childbirth.

INTEGRIS Bass Baptist Health Center recently launched TeamBirth, a new initiative to improve the birthing experience and improve outcomes for birthing women and their babies. TeamBirth is a communication and teamwork process that can bridge communication gaps.

“At INTEGRIS Bass Baptist Health Center, we want all birthers and their support team to know that their preferences for their birthing experience are important to us by actively including them in decision making and the care plan” , Denese Campbell, nurse labor and delivery director, said. “We want everyone on the team, including the patient and their support person(s), to feel empowered to voice their questions or concerns.”

Campbell further explained, “We think we are already doing a great job in this area; However, TeamBirth offers formal tools to conceptualize a shared decision model to strengthen communication on all fronts.

A central component of the TeamBirth model is a shared whiteboard located in all labor and delivery rooms to outline patient and baby care plans and progress that serves as an ongoing shared reference for the team.

TeamBirth was developed by Ariadne Labs, which is a joint center for health systems innovation at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health in Boston. TeamBirth was designed around best practices in communication, teamwork and clinical care.

The TeamBirth model is now offered at several INTEGRIS Health hospitals across the state, including INTEGRIS Health Baptist Medical Center, INTEGRIS Health Edmond, INTEGRIS Health Canadian Valley Hospital in the Yukon, and INTEGRIS Health Miami Hospital.

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