Photograph by Aaron Earls
Volunteers included the Whosoever Will Choir, led by the music ministry of Colonial Baptist Church in Randallstown, Md., at the Black Church Management and Household Convention.

The solutions to the riddles of the scriptures greeted the members of the assembly Black church management and household convention (BCLFC) July 18-22 at the Ridgecrest Convention Heart in Ridgecrest, NC

What happened in Matthew 17 when Jesus’ disciples tried to pull a demon out of a little baby? “The demon defied their attempts. How did the demon know ‘I didn’t need to obey,’ New York chaplain thinks Frank Williams. “Jesus said that somewhere at his root is unbelief (among the many disciples). How did Jesus know it was unbelief? He is the son of God. He is aware of all the parts OK How did the devil know it was unbelief?

“Could they send disbelief alerts or vibrations of their acquired phrases from the spirit realm?” Williams, pastor of Wake Eden Neighborhood Baptist Church and Bronx Baptist Church, asked in his sermon to walk by religion on the convention’s opening night. “Disbelief is a refined factor. It is a kind of contaminated aspect that spoils the standard of our religion.

In another sermon, the government director of the Florida Baptist Conference Inexperienced Tommy The qualities attributed to David in Psalm 78:72 reflect the monks’ attempt to lead with pure hearts and skillful palms.

“The struggles of a pastor and a family are real. Religious war marks every day of your ministry,” Green said. “Religious struggle is simply not imaginary, it is imminent. And the wars come from outside the church and are contained within the church. Evil has a place, and evil has a face, and evil has a style. Satan involves stealing, killing and destroying, and you have a purpose in your life.

But God knows what the monks are up against, Green said, encouraging them to believe in God, shake off the mud of discouragement and defeat and rise up for the victory that is available in Jesus Christ.

“Guts and palms stretch every fiber of our being. look at Jesus. He is the creator and complement of our religion,” Inexperienced said with a poetic tribute to the palms of Jesus. “Jesus acted out of compassion with his heart and his hands. He had therapeutic palms that touched the eyes of the blind to see. He had therapeutic palms that touched deaf ears to listen. He had therapeutic palms reaching for lame limbs to walk around. He had therapeutic palms that united the sick.

“He had sacred palms that calmed the ocean. He had sacred palms that raised the dead. He had sacred palms that fed the group. …His disciples had humble palms that washed their feet.

In its twenty-ninth year, BCLFC gave individuals an overview of Southern Baptist life and offered national, state, and native leaders daily packages filled with preaching, worship, Bible research, d erudition, hobbies and dozens of Lifeway YOU courses. study programme. management and private growth.

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