Many employees and managers in Madhya Pradesh do not yet benefit from the 7th salary scale. These include principals of non-governmental colleges. Now these principals, professors have approached the High Court. The High Court had issued orders to grant the benefit of the seventh salary scale to directors, teachers, but this was not implemented.

After that, once again the High Court got tough on disobeying the order. The High Court gave notice to the Department for Higher Education and others and called the response. The High Court was given 6 weeks to file the response. The court issued a contempt notice to Principal Secretary for Higher Education Shailendra Singh, Principal Secretary of State Finance Manoj Govil in the case.

The case was heard before a single bench of Judge Maninder Singh Bhatti in this regard. In this case, on behalf of the petitioners, Gyanendra Tripathi, President of the Government College Teachers Association and Assistant Professor Shailendra Kumar Jain of DN Jain College, Jabalpur, their lawyers presented their position.

The lawyers said that according to the University Grants Commission, a petition had been filed in the past regarding the Seventh Salaries Commission, which on February 2, 2022, the High Court ordered to resolve the matter. Despite the 90-day time frame, so far no decision has been made regarding the 7th salary scale for teachers. A motion for contempt has been filed in this regard. The High Court order was disobeyed by the state government.

Showing rigor in this regard, the court sent a notice to the officials of the Department of Higher Education. It should be noted that the Association of Teachers of the Non-Governmental College of Madhya Pradesh has been continuously demanding the government on this issue since 2017.

Like teachers in government colleges, there is a demand for teachers in non-government colleges to benefit from the seventh salary scale.

In January 2019, the state government granted the benefit of the seventh pay scale to teachers in public colleges, but teachers in subsidized non-government colleges were deprived of this benefit.