The Government of Haryana has reiterated that only applicants will be considered for the MBBS course in government medical colleges for the 2022-23 session who deposit the bond fee as per the policy introduced in November 2020.

In a letter issued on September 8, the Director General of Medical Education and Research asked students admitted to the MBBS course for the 2020-21 and 2021-22 sessions to submit the bond amount or fees in accordance with the policy. . The letter states, “The policy dated 06-11-2020 should be widely publicized on the college website and the same should also be communicated to MCC, DGHS/NMC for information on applicants seeking admission through a 15% quota for all India. Accordingly, the information should be uploaded to the authorized portal where the 15% quota seats for all India are sent to MCC, DGHC. »

As per 2020 policy, according to the government, a deposit of Rs 10 lakh must be signed every year by students taking an MBBS course in government medical colleges and this deposit will be a prerequisite for obtaining a a government job.

The opposition criticized the bail condition saying it would cause problems for students from poor families.

Dr. Ranbir Singh Dahiya, Academician and former Professor of Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences (PGIMS) based in Rohtak, explained, “As per the policy, after the completion of the MBBS course, the government will pay the full loan of Rs 40 lakh, if the candidate concerned enters the civil service. But the question is where are the government jobs for all the applicants? The government does not guarantee government jobs to all passed out. If you are not able to give government jobs to all students then why was this condition imposed on all MBBS students. This condition may apply only to those to whom the government offers employment. If one does not take the job, he can be asked to pay the fee of Rs 40 lakh. But if a student is opting for the government job and the government is unable to offer the job, then why should the loan amount be paid by the candidate.

On the issue of posting the bail amount of Rs 10 lakh, Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar had earlier said that it was included so that after suing MBBS, students can work in the state and provide their services to the inhabitants of the State. He had said the bail condition was imposed to motivate students to work in the state.

However, senior Congress official and former Union Minister Kumari Selja said, “The way the bail condition has been imposed in MBBS admissions is a direct attack on the interests of students who dream of becoming doctors by pure merit. It is a tall order for any deserving student from an ordinary and poor background to arrange for Rs 40 lakh (for a four-year course).

Kumari Selja said, “Only deserving students apply for admission to government medical colleges. Most of them come from very poor and ordinary families. They are unable to afford the high fees in private colleges and hence try to get a higher rank for admission into public colleges. The BJP-JJP alliance government had given them the option of signing bonds or paying fees to prevent them from being admitted to government medical schools. Those who fail to pay the Rs 40 lakh fee or sign a deposit will not be admitted. It was clear from this stage that the intention of the state government was to commercialize admissions to government medical schools.

The former Union minister said, “The state government had made a provision that after completing the MBBS, if a student does not hold a government post for seven years, then Rs 40 lakh of his deposit will be forfeited. Establishing such a rule was totally wrong. If the alliance government wanted every student doing MBBS to get a job in Haryana after becoming a doctor, then an agreement should be signed with them at the time of admission. They should receive a letter of nomination for a government job as soon as they complete their studies.

She demanded that the state government rescind the policy.