When it comes to hated basketball players, Duke University tops the list.

Seven-time NBA star Grant Hill played with one of those players, two-time ACC Athlete of the Year Christian Laettner. JJ Redick was one of those players. Hill and Redick recently reunited and reminisced about their days at Duke.

Hill was a guest at Redick’s The old man and the three podcast and said he didn’t realize Laettner was human until he sat down and watched his documentary.

Grant Hill and Christian Laettner won two titles together at Duke

Duke players Grant Hill and Christian Laettner high-five in the NCAA championship against Kansas in 1991. | Sports Focus via Getty Images.

Hill and Laettner teamed up with Duke and won back-to-back NCAA titles in 1991 and 1992. Laettner is best known for his last-second jump that stunned Kentucky 30 years ago at the NCAA Tournament. He is also known to be one of the most hated players in college basketball history.

Laettner is perhaps Duke’s first legitimately hated player. He had arrogance about him, but he also didn’t seem to have a problem stepping on his opponents when they were on the ground. The best player from the best team in the country will generate hatred.

Redick is right there with Laettner in the hate department when it comes to Duke players. Hill explained that many of his Orlando Magic teammates were anti-Duke and anti-Redick. He remembers watching LSU defeat Duke with his Magic teammates in Redick’s last game. These teammates were thrilled when Redick and Blue Devils were dispatched by the Tigers. Sure enough, the Magic drafted Redick a few months later.

“We were at Jameer Nelson’s in Chester, Pennsylvania, getting ready to play the Sixers the next day,” Hill recalled to Redick. “We are watching the game and everyone is supporting LSU. Everybody hates Duke, and everybody hates you. The following year, we draft you.

Hill said he didn’t know Laettner was human until he watched his documentary

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Laettner, Redick and Grayson Allen all fall into the category of Duke’s most hated players. At the time, Hill thought none of that hatred seemed to bother Laettner. Laettner was so hated that ESPN released a 30 for 30 documentary titled I hate Christian Laettner.

Hill said it was while watching this documentary that he realized how bothered Laettner was by negativity.

“Christian was like Teflon,” Hill said. “I remember we went to play at LSU. It was Christian and Shaq. Shaq was amazing. Bobby (Hurley) was absent. I filled in as point guard. It was my second year. Christian dominated Shaq. They were both unstoppable. We won the game.

“The crowd was brutal. The big thing then was that they wondered about his sexuality. It was very taboo in 1992. Our society has evolved around it. They were doing this Florida State chant, basically saying “Ho-mo-sexual” addressed to Christian. He’s on the free throw line and hits a shot then wrists the crowd. I think this man is crazy.

“It was almost like he took it away from all of us, like I was taking it to protect everyone. It wasn’t until he made his documentary that I realized it really bothered him. I’m like, wow, this man is human.

Hill said he had no idea that was the case when he was his teammate.

“He played the bad guy to perfection,” Hill said. “Damn, half the time we didn’t like Christian.

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