RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s amendments to the state budget include proposals to expand funding eligibility for lab schools, suspend the state gasoline tax for three months, stopping hundreds of incarcerated people from earning credits to reduce their sentences and more.

The Virginia General Assembly approved the two-year budget plan on June 1, but it was subject to changes and vetoes proposed by the governor. On Wednesday, Youngkin’s aides presented the proposed budget amendments for consideration during a call with reporters.

Youngkin proposed a total of 38 amendments to the two-year budget plan, the aides said. There was no mention of a veto in the approved budget.

Efforts to pass a gas tax exemption failed in the Legislature, but Youngkin revived his push in a budget amendment. An aide said the state gasoline tax suspension of 26 cents a gallon would go into effect July 1 through September 30 if approved by lawmakers.

A Youngkin amendment would prevent 560 incarcerated people from being eligible to take advantage of Virginia’s New Earned Penalty Credit Programsaid an aide on the call.

The new law, which was signed by former Governor Ralph Northam and takes effect in July, creates a four-tier earned credit system that allows people to reduce their sentences by up to 15 days for 30 days served.

“The language amendment will also create a state-level felony for demonstrating outside the homes of justices, including Supreme Court justices for the purpose of intimidating,” an aide said on the call, later adding that it included justices of the United States Supreme Court and Supreme Court of Virginia.

The agreement adopted by the General Assembly includes $4 billion in tax cuts over three years. There are one-time tax refunds of $250 for individual filers and $500 for families in the budget this year and public school teachers and state employees will see a 10% increase over two years. , including a $1,000 first year bonus.

Youngkin amended the budget to also give governor’s school teachers and regional learning specialists the bonuses, with aides saying they were “excluded” from the approved plan. Aides said Youngkin’s amendments also set aside more funds for historically black colleges and universities in Virginia.

The budget approved by the General Assembly provides $100 million for laboratory school funding for public four-year universities in Virginia. Youngkin changed the budget to expand access to allow private universities and community colleges to use the funding and run lab schools, aides said.

Another Youngkin amendment calls on universities and colleges to sign a statement pledging to create “a culture of free speech” on campuses.

Lawmakers are expected to return to the Capitol on Friday to take up Youngkin’s amendments.

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