Jharkhand Health Minister Banna Gupta said on Thursday, September 15 that fees for 50% of seats in private medical colleges in the state will be set in accordance with those of government medical colleges.

The move would help address the shortage of doctors in state medical schools and would also benefit medical students who have returned from war-torn Ukraine, among others, according to a statement released by the camp’s office. from Gupta to Jharkhand, as stated in a PTI report.

In a tweet in Hindi, Gupta said, “Now in 50% of seats in private medical colleges and reputed medical colleges in Jharkhand, fees will be set as per government medical colleges, this will eliminate the shortage of doctors in medical colleges in Jharkhand and students who have returned from Ukraine, in addition to other students, will benefit,” according to PTI.

In a letter to the Additional Chief Secretary (Department of Health), Gupta directed him to implement the new system in the state based on the recommendation made by the National Medical Commission (NMC).

Other states

The Madhya Pradesh government previously issued a notification on September 13 for the implementation of the NMC’s draft fee regulation guidelines bill, becoming the first state to do so after Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Additionally, groups of private medical colleges have challenged the memorandum in the High Courts of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Last month, the Madras High Court, while reserving the order on a plea filed by a group of private medical colleges challenging this fee fixing, questioned how the Council could charge more fees to 50% of students and less to the remaining 50%, as noted in a report by LiveLaw.in. He also asked how the system would work if colleges were unable to fill the remaining 50% of seats in the high-fee category, the report said.

To reiterate, the bill insists that fees for 50% of seats at private medical schools and reputable universities must be at the same level as fees at state or territory government medical schools. of the respective Union, according to the published memorandum. in February of this year.