FaZe Swagg net worth in 2022 is $800,000. FaZe Swagg is a professional esports player and video game streamer. He posts online content on his YouTube and actively plays Call of Duty: Warzone. For this coin, let’s take a closer look at FaZe Swagg’s net worth in 2022.

FaZe Swagg net worth in 2022 (estimated): $800,000

FaZe Swagg net worth in 2022 is $800,000. This is according to reputable outlets such as Streamer Facts. FaZe Swagg, real name Kris Lamberson, was born in Phoenix, Arizona. He studied at the Lutheran Academy in Arizona. Although now a successful professional player, Lamberson initially pursued a basketball career. In high school, Lamberson suitable for the university team. He averaged 12.8 points, 3.9 rebounds and 3.8 assists per game. On top of that, Lamberson was a pivotal piece that led his school to a state championship. With a respectable stint in high school, Lamberson eventually earned a basketball scholarship.

Lamberson studied at Arizona Christian University and majored in business administration. Although he got a basketball scholarship, he would only play a one match for the team, recording two points in a win over Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. His short stint was due to a career-ending injury which saw Lamberson suffer from a right shoulder labrum tear.

Although basketball didn’t work out for Lamberson, another door opened for him which was gaming. Lamberson’s friends introduced him to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Later he started to post to YouTube as a content creator. As a content creator for YouTube, Lamberson earns at least $10,000 and up to $20,000 per month.

As his content grew in popularity, Lamberson made the bold decision to take a year off from college to focus on his online content. Although this does not please his mother at first, the promise to return to college after a semester, which he did, solved the problem.

Despite the risks, Lamberson’s gamble was worth it. Fast forward to today, his Tic The channel gained 2.1 million followers. On the other hand, his Youtube The channel already has 2.53 million subscribers to support 580 million views on its content.

With a growing gaming chain, Lamberson’s skills were noticed. In April 2020, he was recruited by esports team, FaZe Clan.

FaZe-Clan is an esports organization that creates gaming content for popular video games such as Call of Duty, Fortnite, etc. They also participate in various gaming competitions around the world. This, obviously, would help add to FaZe Swagg’s net worth in 2022.

As a streamer, success has piled up for Lamberson. He was nominated for Streamer of the Year at the 2020 Esports Awards. A year later, Lamberson appeared in the June issue of Sports Illustrated with his FaZe Clan teammates. This marked the first time a gambling organization appeared in said magazine.

From 2020 to 2021, according to Forbes, Lamberson earned a lucrative career $2.5 million online streaming and collaborations with major companies such as the NFL, Beats and McDonalds. Lamberson was also signed by Underlinewhich is a digital talent agency that helps gamers with content, revenue streams, and brand partnerships.

Earlier this year, Lamberson made a groundbreaking decision. In May 2022, he agreed to jointly sign with UTA and Klutch Sports. Thus, Lamberson became the first player to sign with sports agency Klutch Sports.

Lamberson has built a strong streaming career as a professional esports athlete. Nevertheless, were you stunned by FaZe Swagg’s net worth in 2022?

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