Calling all cooks!! On September 24, Enon Baptist Church will host the second annual Chili Cookoff/Fall Fest & Cake Walk. We are so excited to see all the different types of chili there will be. Maybe they’ll ask me to be one of the lucky judges. (haha) Some of the BEST peppers I have ever eaten come from my Aunt Shirley Sharp, Mrs. Jean Jones and Mrs. Joan Kennedy. These ladies’ recipes are amazing.

On Sunday, September 11, please wear your black Enon Baptist t-shirts with the 9/11 Memorial. If you don’t have one, please wear patriotic colors. The blessing of food will take place on September 17. “Love on Bogalusa”, an evangelistic blitz will take place from September 29th to October 1st. September 10 will be the Children’s Banana Olympics. If you would like to order a shirt from Enon Baptist Church Youth, money and order forms are due September 11th.

Condolences to the family of Ray Perry.

Happy birthday to Laurie Williams, Mark Taylor, Ryan Smith, Blake Warner, Robin Phares and Jake Blackwell.

Happy birthday to Alan and Julie Williams.

I was a 3rd grade teacher in Bogalusa on 9/11/01. A colleague came to tell me that something was going on and that it was not good. At the end of the day, as I watched the news (I was glued to the TV), I was absolutely devastated. I was heartbroken for the friends and families of those who were lost. I couldn’t bear to hear the sound of the pass devices (a distress signal unit for firefighters) going off for another minute because I knew what it meant. (Firefighters were down and probably wouldn’t get up) I’m grateful I had the opportunity to visit the memorial when it was just that. I hope to one day visit and pay my respects at the new memorial.

Enon Elementary School had two state-level winners for the 2021-2022 Young Author Contest. Giuliana D’Luca-Carr was in Bridget Smith’s kindergarten class last year and placed 3rd for her non-fiction story “Beach Trip.” Tommy Nguyen was in Ms. Charlene Williams’ 6th grade ELA class last year and placed 2nd for his fictional story, “The Magic Eraser”. We had a great open house last week at school.

September is library card month. A library card can take you a long way, so please check in with the ladies at the library. The afterschool program read “The Smart Cookie” and recently decorated its own cookies.

I hope you are all having a great week. If you have information about upcoming events that you’d like me to share, email or message me. Thank you for your support. I appreciate kind words.

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