It is estimated that one in 13 high school athletes is lucky enough to sign a college scholarship to play at the next level. The odds of doing this with your identical twin are a bit higher.

Loyola’s Peyton and Parker Thomas continue their baseball and college careers at Central Baptist in Arkansas. Identical twins say they’re a forfeit.

Peyton: “I always know what he’s going to think. We’re always on the same page. It’s really cool.”

Parker: “If we get a bad swing in the cages we always know, yeah just one more swing, I already know what you’re thinking. We just know each other’s minds.”

Peyton and Parker have been best friends and teammates their entire lives, but admit their competitions can get quite fierce.

Peyton: “He’s my biggest competitor. I’m his biggest competitor. It’s for the greater good to push each other to be the best they can be.”

Parker: “He’s also my biggest fan, so I’m very grateful to him. Every time we race, it gets serious with whatever, the classroom, whatever.”

And soon it will be Conway baseball fans who will see double.

Parker: “We still have umpires to this day, people who play saying, I thought your brother was at second base.”

Peyton: “Certainly in the class when we were younger, we always liked to make little jokes, especially in elementary school. I have them every time, I still have a winning record.”

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