Week 5 marked the start of conference play for the Texas A&M University-San Antonio football teams. Conference games determine seeding among other schools in the Red River Athletics Conference and playoff standings. The RRAC is a member of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics.

The women’s and men’s teams faced Texas A&M University A&M-Texarkana and Louisiana State University in Shreveport. The women’s club would leave Week 5 with an even split of a win and a loss, while the men would go out without a win.

September 22: The Eagles dominate the Jaguars in the first meeting of the conference.

The A&M-San Antonio women’s team suffered their first loss to the Texas A&M-Texarkana Eagles 0-5.

From the opening kick, the Eagles controlled the pace of the game, playing almost the entire game on the Jaguars side.

Anything the Jags tried to push up would be cut off and turned into a scoring opportunity, which the Eagles created in abundance. The Eagles’ consistency on both sides of the ball paid off as they scored 3 goals in the first half and 2 goals in the second.

The first goal was scored by Johanna Rodriguez, A&M-Texarkana’s second midfielder, in the 11th minute of the match.

Although Jaguars second-year goaltender Maram Adeljaber made a season-high five saves, she couldn’t stop all of the Eagles’ attacks. A&M-Texarkana had 10 shots on goal against the Jaguars’ four. In terms of overall shooting, the Jags had just eight to the Eagles’ 21.

The Jags were licking their wounds as they continued their road trip Sept. 24 against Louisiana State University-Shreveport in Shreveport, La.

September 22: The Jags drop their first conference game of the season.

The A&M-San Antonio men’s team lost a grueling game to the A&M-Texarkana Eagles, 0-2.

The game’s first goal was scored by Eagles first-year striker Jon Olivarez in the 13th minute of the game in a fast break from a Jaguars corner.

The Eagles wouldn’t let go of their offense, but the Jags would respond defensively, deterring many attacks for the remainder of the half.

The Jags would have their opportunities on offense but couldn’t get the ball past the Eagles’ backline.

The half would end 0-1, Eagles leading.

A&M-Texarkana upped the intensity in the second half, continuing their lockdown defense while stepping up their offensive attacks.

The Jaguars had their hands full trying to defend, so much so that they made a costly mistake. First-year Jaguars defenseman Giovanni Garcia scored an own goal while trying to prevent a shot. Jaguars Senior Goaltender Victor Villarreal was powerless to stop the ball as it flew just out of reach.

The score is now 2-0, Eagles in the lead.

With the momentum on their side, the Eagles continued their attacking drive, trying to solidify their lead. However, Villarreal have matched this with their own personal defensive clinic. After the second goal, the Eagles conceded four more shots on goal, all saved by Villarreal, who netted five in the half.

Just like in the first half, opportunities would present themselves, but the Jags couldn’t execute. A&M-Texarkana’s strict defense would stifle any attempt that came close to the penalty area.

The final score was 2-0.

The Jags continued their road trip Sept. 24 against Louisiana State University-Shreveport in Shreveport, Louisiana.

September 24: The Jags claim their first conference victory

The A&M-San Antonio women’s team beat Louisiana State University at Shreveport’s Pilots 2-0 in their first conference victory.

The Pilots wasted no time, taking the first shot on goal in the opening 10 minutes. Prompting the Jags to follow suit by pressing their attack, pushing the Pilots to defend their flurry of fire.

In the 24th minute of the game, Jags freshman midfielder Ana Barragan scored the game’s first goal. It was Barragan’s fourth goal of the season, leading the team in goals scored.

Another Jaguar on the rise is second-year goaltender Maram Abdeljaber. In the first half, Abdeljaber saved everything overtaking the defenders. At the end of the half, the Pilots had four shots on goal but three of them were saved by Abdeljaber.

LSU-Shreveport would finish the half scoreless, 1-0, with Jaguars leading.

Just like at the start of the first half, the Drivers went on the attack first, taking two shots on goal to start the half. Abdeljaber also mirrored the first half and saved them both. Abdeljaber would smash his season high from the previous game (five) with a whopping nine saves in this game.

The pilots did everything they could to even the score, but the Jags defense held firm. Although Abdeljaber was on point with her saves, the Jags rarely allowed the other team to test her.

In the 83rd minute of the game, the Jags put the final nail in the coffin with freshman forward Daniela Garcia scoring, making it 2-0. It was Garcia’s first goal of the season.

Conference play continued as the Jaguars hosted Louisiana Christian University for their first home game after a three-game road trip.

September 24: Drivers pass Jags, causing Jag’s third straight loss

Louisiana State University at Shreveport’s Pilots rallied in the second half against the A&M-San Antonio men’s team and beat them 2-1.

The Jaguars apparently had control of the game. From the opening kick, the Jags were the aggressor, pushing the pace on offense that led to the game’s first goal by freshman forward Efren Duarte in the 16th minute of the game.

The drivers were kept on their heels for the remainder of the half, being held to four shots the entire period. The score was 1-0 at halftime.

LSU-Shreveport found their rhythm by starting the second half as the main forwards. The Jags found themselves trying to keep the pilots at bay. It was for nothing as LSU-Shreveport tied the game in the 63rd minute with a goal from junior forward Maurice Theart.

With the game tied, both teams began to battle for the advantage, but the drivers had momentum on their side.

Soon, the Jags would find themselves in a similar position to the Pilots in the first period. A&M-San Antonio was limited to just three shots in the second half while LSU-Shreveport had 12.

After plenty of chances, the Pilots found the back of the net with sophomore defenseman Jake Strachan’s 88th-minute goal to make it 2-1.

The Jags were unable to respond, losing their third straight game.

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