The Bluekatts will face Stamford for the regional championship on Thursday, May 5 at 7:30 p.m. at the Abilene Christian University softball field. GO BLUEKATTS, bring home another golden glove!!!

Both Coleman and Wink had their offenses on Wednesday, but the Bluekatts ultimately prevailed 17-6.

In the first inning, Coleman started his offense when Aislyn Cox volleyed home while Alana Young was at bat. (1-0) Raelea Robinson had reached 1st place on a walk, and Young was on her feet, scoring two on base. While Morgan Riggs was at bat, Young and Robinson each stole a base moving to 2nd and 3rd.

There were a few wild pitches thrown by pitcher Wink, and Coleman took advantage of each one. Riggs walked next, filling in the bases. While Audrey McKeehan was up to it, Robinson stole the house. (2-0) McKeehan then scored a single, tagging Young, moving Riggs to 3rd. (3-0) The last run of the inning was Micah Riggs (courtesy runner for McKeehan) stealing home while Mia Watson was at bat. Watson got the 3rd out and the inning ended with Coleman 4-0.

After Wink failed to score, the Katts returned to home plate leading the 2nd. Peyton Gober tripled on a practice line to right field. Brylei Gilbreath then hit a fly ball that was caught by shortstop – out #1. Ipsha Bhakta failed, but Gober scored from 3rd on the first pitch. The round finally ended with the Katts 5-0.

Wink scored a run in 2nd, ending the inning with Katts 5-1.

In the 3rd, Morgan Riggs tripled and McKeehan doubled, scoring Riggs. (6-1) Wink then scored three late innings, bringing the score to 6-4 before the 4th.

The Bluekatts weren’t quite done scoring. Gilbreath hit a home run inside the park on a line drive to right field. (7-4) Bhakta chose and the next two Katts were taken out. Then Young tripled scoring Bhakta. (8-4) Morgan Riggs then hit his own inside the park circuit to right field, also scoring Young. (10-4)

Brylei Gilbreath hit another home run inside the park in the 5th inning. (11-4) Robinson doubled (2 runs scored), Young tripled (1 run scored) and Riggs singled, scoring Young. The score was 15-4 go to the bottom of the 5th.

The hope was that the Katts would stop Wink from scoring to end the game, however, the Lady Cats had other plans. They scored 2 points and the score was 15-6 enter the 6th inning.

Gilbreath doubled, scoring 1 (16-6) and Bhakta hit a sacrificial fly, scoring Gilbreath. (17-6) The Bluekatts were again over 10 points and the game could end after Wink’s next game at bat.

Wink’s leadoff hit a line drive to right fielder Peyton Gober, who threw the ball to 2nd baseman Bhakta, who then threw to Mia Watson at 3rd to kick out #1. Aislyn Cox then fielded a throwing spectacle, with the confidence of a senior, striking out the last two batters. The Bluekatts finished winning in six innings and the Coleman girls are now the bi-district champions!

Aislyn Cox was Coleman’s winning pitcher. Cox gave up six runs on four hits in six innings, striking out eight and walking zero. (10 errors on Coleman’s defense were a big factor in Wink’s score.)

H. Clark took the loss for Wink. The right-hander allowed 14 hits and 17 runs in six innings, striking out one.

Coleman hit three “inside the park” home runs that day. Riggs went deep in round four. Gilbreath had four baggers in the fourth and fifth innings.

The Bluekatts had 14 hits in the game. Gilbreath and Riggs each had three hits to lead Coleman. The Bluekatts stole 14 bases during the game as five players stole more than one. Cox led the way with four. (See attached stats and photo album, and more photos will be posted later.)

The Bluekatts will face Stamford for the regional championship on Thursday, May 5 at 7:30 p.m. at the Abilene Christian University softball field. If the Katts win, they will face the winner of Haskell and McCamey for the regional quarterfinals. GO BLUEKATTS, bring home another golden glove!!!

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