Supporters of Alabama’s top priority gathered for the Topgolf challenge on September 9 in Birmingham.

The lunch attracted around 90 participants. Greg Davis, president, said the organization is busy training students and adult volunteers to work with or start established clubs.

“The students are really hungry for community,” he said. “They are ready for fellowship. People are even more hungry for answers to spiritual questions.

He thanked the supporters for their finances, talents and influence. He mentioned club kits for elementary, middle and high schools as a way for people to support first priority clubs in schools. An active campaign is also underway for the Bibles.

Responsibility and community

Carole Michelle Cox, Topgolf’s assistant manager for training, was there to discuss participant safety, but she is also from Birmingham and attended a top priority club when she was a student at PD Jackson-Olin High School.

“Your youth pastor tells you it’s okay to tell others about your faith, but it’s intimidating,” she said. “But the beauty of First Priority is that it not only gives you responsibility, but it also gives you community within your school. It was always good to know that as a Christian you were not alone.

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