Sunday School

Sunday School

It’s the best way to start a week!

Family friendly, Biblically based training for every age group.

Your children will enjoy learning about God from the Bible by qualified, caring, and dedicated teachers. Newborn to adult, there is an age-appropriate class for everyone!

Set aside an hour this week and invest it in yourself by learning what the Bible has to say about living in the 21st Century. Have fun and find the answers to your questions in a friendly group setting this Sunday morning.

I Love Sunday School!

Welcome to Maranatha Baptist Church Sunday School program! My name is Dan McCool and I am the Sunday School Superintendent at Maranatha. I am excited for an opportunity to introduce you to our Sunday School. We are richly blessed to have some of the best instructors and facilitators in central Iowa. Our curriculum is squarely based on the Word of God and the Bible is the primary lesson book in every class from the nursery department to the adult department.

Let me tell you a little bit about our program. Our Sunday school meets for an hour each Sunday morning at 9:30 am. We are family friendly and have graded classes for your children so that they can learn about God through lessons and activities designed for their level by qualified and caring teachers and assistants. We love children at Maranatha and your children will love Sunday school as they learn about God and His love for them! Bring your children for a powerful, positive hour of fun and learning every Sunday morning.

Maranatha also has classes for College age, Singles, a Women's Class, and a number of Adult classes to choose from with various topics throughout the year.

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